In 2016/17 if you are (un)lucky I’ll be teaching you in your Queen’s University Belfast physics degrees via:

  • Level 1 PHY1001 Foundation Physics 1 – You at at the left of this diagram
  • Level 2 PHY2083 Astronomy – Starting at the Sun and working outward
  • Level 2 Lab experiments – How hot is the Sun, or indeed the Universe? If you don’t know the Stefan-Boltzmann Law by the end of this experiment, give up physics.
  • Level 3 BSc projects – Currently testing and using 6 telescope kits for this year. Oh what fun you’ll have freezing to death in the open air while focusing a telescope.
  • Level 4 MSci projects – What shall we discover today?
  • Using a University Observatory – one day soon, my precious.
  • Jup_222926_g3_b3_green
    Jupiter imaged with the new Level 3 project cameras, May 2016. The Great Red Spot is at 8 o’clock on the disk, the turbulent atmospheric wake is to the right.

    Large Sunspot group imaged with Level 3 H-alpha telescope plus cameras, 21 July 2016.